School Announcements: 25/09/2017

School Meals

The Borough of Havering currently provides Universal Free School Meals for all children in Reception and Years 1 and 2. Alternatively your child may choose to bring a packed lunch to school.

For Junior children, the Havering Catering Service provides school meals on a ticket basis. The cost of a school dinner is £2.20. Drinking water is freely available for all children at lunchtime.

Squid: From June 27th 2017, the way to purchase dinner tickets will be changing. Further information and registration details will be sent home shortly.

You can buy dinner tickers over the phone directly from the Havering Schools Meals Service by credit or debit card, (01708) 433119 Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm term time only. You can also pay online by visiting the LBH website at  or through the Havering Catering Service website at

Copies of the school menu are sent home to parents. Each day a meal consists of one item from each food group. This meal aims to give your child a good balance of nutrients. On occasions, the Catering Service will have special menus which will also be sent home.  There is also a copy of the current menu below and under each Key Stage letters home area on the website.

When the register is called, your child will advise the teacher whether they would like to order a school dinner for that day or whether they have brought a packed lunch.

We are very proud that we are a ‘Healthy Eating School’ and our cook and her team provide a delicious selection of meals daily from the new Healthy Options Menu.

NB: Forms for Free School Meals are available from Student Finance Children’s Services, The Liberty Centre, Romford, RM13RL (Havering Only) Telephone (01708) 433929. If you live outside the borough, please contact your own LEA

Current lunch menu:

Havering Catering Services Menu April – October 2017 (1)