School Announcements: 19/04/2019

Class Work (2O)

Year 2 Homework for the Easter Holidays

  • Complete two tasks for IPC (Let’s Celebrate) – one should be a written task;
  • Free writing;
  • Practise the x2, x5 and x10 tables.  Quick recall – 5×5=? 9×2=? etc;
  • Practise spellings/common exception words and handwriting;
  • Reading – Maybe you could join the library if you haven’t joined already; and most importantly
  • Enjoy family time – Go for days out; bake; watch a film together; play board games or play sports.

Some useful websites: – Maths LEVEL 1 – SPaG

Happy Easter from all of the Year 2 team!

IPC Homework: due by Monday 29th April 2019

Homework sheet Let’s Celebrate

Maths this week:

Spellings: 5th April 2019

We are not having new spellings this week and there won’t be a test next week.  Please help your child to practise any common exception words that they still might not know.  It would also be good for me to look through my spellings tests and practise any words that they need to revisit.

Thank you.

Year 1 and 2 common exception words