School Announcements: 25/04/2018
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Manor Adventure 2017

Please note that there were over 600 photographs taken over the 5 days.  You can purchase a copy of these photographs by forwarding to the school office an envelop with £2.00 and your child’s name and class.  Thank you.



After a slow, but fun-filled journey, we finally arrived at 2.30pm.  The children have had a tour of the site, played team games and then had a delicious dinner.   There were lots of excited preparations for the disco this evening and they have danced and sung their hearts out.  We are hoping that with all the excitement, everyone will sleep well, ready for a fun-packed day tomorrow!


After a fairly good night’s sleep, we started the day with bacon,sausage and baked beans – which was very welcome!  We spent the morning hill-walking.  It was a challenge, but the views and the reward of a biscuit were worth it!   After lunch, various activities have taken place: fencing, archery, orienteering and many more.

We are absolutely shattered tonight and we don’t think sleep will take too long to come…. fingers crossed!


The sun has finally arrived at Manor Adventure! The much anticipated water activities certainly didn’t disappoint today.  As the photos show, much fun was had kayaking and canoeing.  Other activities included wall climbing, abseiling, obstacle courses and the blind trail.

We are all having a wonderful time – there’s lots of laughter and joy amongst the St Joseph’s camp!


We’ve had another beautiful day in Shropshire.  Today’s activities have been very team-based or high: abseiling, the zip-wire and the underground maze.  We enjoyed a delicious BBQ overlooking the stunning hillside views this evening before the last activity.

Then the fun begins – packing and locating scattered belongings!    Wish us luck!