School Announcements: 07/08/2020

Home Learning (Year 2)







Dear Year 2,

It’s been a funny old year! We had a wonderful few months together with you in school, and since you’ve been working at home, you’ve shown the same resilience you always have.  We’re so proud of how you have stepped up and carried on with your learning.  Please thank your parents for being so supportive and for helping you with everything we have planned.  Many of you have developed new skills and learned about many different things.  You have been very creative in how you have shared your learning with us.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Your emails and phone calls have brightened our days and have been a constant reminder of what a fantastic year group you are.  Mrs Dare, Mrs Turner and Miss Ramsay are so lucky to be having you!

Make sure you have a wonderful summer doing all the things you love doing.

Keep smiling!

Love from

Mrs Partridge and Miss Noll












Dear Children of Year 2,

We are really looking forward to meeting you all in September!

School will look a little bit different when you come back but you will get used to it very quickly.  We are going to be working during the summer to make sure that the school and your classrooms are welcoming and safe for you all.

Your job during the summer is to have a lovely break with your families and enjoy yourselves.  It would be good if you can do bits of work during the summer to keep your brains learning.  You could take part in the library summer challenge as your reading project.  Keep practising telling the time, use Times Tables Rockstars and practice your number bonds.  If you do any baking or cooking, you could practise measuring using scales.

We would like to hear about your summer holidays.  You could write some diary entreis about special days out, holidays, seeing family and friends.  Don’t forget to keep practising your handwriting – we will be looking for correctly formed letters and joined up handwriting so we can give out some pen licenses!

Some of you may be a little worried about coming back to school but all the adults in school will be there to help you.  We have lots of fun things planning and hope you are ready to have the best year ever.

Enjoy your summer break and see you in September,

Mrs Dare, Mrs Turner and Miss Ramsay


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