School Announcements: 30/05/2020
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Home Learning (Year 2)



Hello Year 2!

How was half term?  Did you and your parents manage to recharge your batteries?  We were very lucky to have such beautiful weather so I’m sure you’ve all spent lots of time in your gardens or on your daily walks.  We look forward to hearing what you got up to when you email us, or during our phone calls, which will start again this week.

We’ve planned more exciting activities for you this week, including finding out what happens at the end of ‘Little Red’!  Keep emailing with examples of your work and to ask any questions too.  You know how we love to hear from you.  Make sure you use your new school email account.  Most of you are already doing this, but some of you do still need to set those up.   If you still need to do that, make it the first job of the week please. It would help us because we will be able to email the whole class at one time with whole class messages. We’d love an email from everyone at least once a week, with a photo or photos of what you’ve be doing.  You could attach a video if you would like to.  Remember…it’s good to keep in touch.  We’re here for you at: [email protected]

If you have any ideas for our ‘Fun Challenges’ section, let us know.  We could add your idea to the planning. We would need to know by Wednesday lunchtime. If your idea isn’t included one week, we might be able to use it another week.  Also, if you would like a specific picture or news included in the school’s weekly newsletter, make sure you let us know by Wednesday lunchtime too.

We have devised a timetable, or alternatively, you can make your own to fit in with your family’s routine.  We have coloured the activities red, yellow and green again to help you decide what you want to focus on.  Do what you and your family can manage but please try your hardest to complete all the red activities.   We look forward to hearing from you and speaking to some of you during the week.

Have a great week! Keep smiling!

Love from

Mrs Partridge and Miss Noll


NEXT WEEK: Home Learning w/b: 1st June 2020

Planning Timetable – Year 2


English                 Recommended reads 

Maths      Maths- Answers

R.E                Oddizzi: WorldExplorers – Food and Farming

Art in celebrations – 2020              Mindfulness Mandala Colouring

Let’s Celebrate Celebrations around the World – 2020


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CURRENT Home Learning w/b: 18th May 2020:

Planning:  18th May


English Plan and Slides – 18th May

Science w.b. 18th May              Geography       

Maths w.b. 18th May    Maths w.b. 18th May Answers

Mindfulness Colouring Quotes      Reading – 18th May

R.E w.b. 18th May


Handwriting 1 – Join to ascender, same join, new letters

Handwriting 2 – Read and Write words

Handwriting 3 – Write the sentence


Useful websites for Y2 – maths and English (they have a school closure leaflet with recommended games).  We have used this site in our maths lessons. – picture prompts for writing activities (story, inference, spelling, punctuation and grammar). We have used this site in our reading sessions. – maths and English.  We have used this site in our maths lessons. – phonics and spellings.  We use this in our phonics sessions.  Focus on Phase 5 and 6. – writing prompts.  We recommend the following prompts…20, 17, 14, 13, 12 and 11.

Check out the Year 2 Writing Workshop PowerPoint on our webpage for Year 2

Also on our webpage:

Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation mat, Writing Ingredients, Reading Recipe, Maths Vocabulary, IPC homework sheet and Curriculum Maps.