School Announcements: 22/10/2020

Home Learning (Year 3)





Thank you for sharing all of your stories, feelings and thoughts with us. As teachers we feel like we’re already starting to see your different personalities.

You have adapted so well to the new routines and your new classes. You have made it a very enjoyable experience for your friends and teachers.

Some key information for the moment:

Your spelling and homework will be available online weekly.




Year 3 Times Tables:

Each week your child will be given a times table to practise in preparation for a weekly assessment on a Friday. This is the same format as their spelling assessment.
In this assessment children will be asked a mixture of times and division questions relating to that times tables e.g. 2 X 3 =, or 12 ÷ 3 =. To give the times tables a real-life context we will ask questions such as I have three five pence coins, how much money do I have in total.

We will repeat times tables over a number of weeks so please do not panic if your child is concerned about not knowing them all straight away.
Times tables is the foundation of many areas of maths and it is essential that your child becomes confident in their use. To support them in this please ensure that they are using TTRS for an average of 3 minutes a day. There are also a number of fun songs on YouTube to help children remember the facts.

In school we also monitor children’s use of TTRS to provide support or challenge where needed.

Times Tables Rock Stars:

The National Curriculum states that children in Year 3 must know their x2, x5, x10, x3, x4 and x8 tables by the end of the academic year.

Weekly timestables


Week beginning: 12th October


Spelling look cover write check

News crossword

This week’s times tables: We will be revisiting the x3 tables this week. Remember to use the songs from last week to help you.

Week beginning 19th October

Reading comp letter for parents – Y3

First news comprehension

Spelling look cover write check          Spellings

This week’s times tables: We will be revising the x2, x5 and x10 tables this week



Year 3 PE day is: Wednesday



The children will need to come to school in their PE kit (including trainers)  – not their normal school uniform. They will wear their PE kit for the whole day. Details of the school P.E. kit can be found on the website

Please note:Children taking part in after school sports clubs must also wear full PE kit to school on the day the club is taking plac