School Announcements: 10/07/2020
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Home Learning (Year 3)






Hello Year 3!

We are so thankful for you sharing your learning with us via e-mail or when we call. We think the Lego challenge and chocolate rocks were very popular!

 Some of you were getting a little confused with the maths and doing different weeks. Please make sure that you read which week you are doing. We also know that some of the maths can be tricky, we just want you to try your best. If it’s too tricky then leave that question. We will be looking back at all of this learning when your return to school.

 As we face another week of home learning we wanted to let you know that we are so proud of you for keeping everyone safe. Some children return to school this week but it’s a little different than we’re used to. We may not be able to respond to your email as quickly but we will try to do our best.

 We have added some life skills for you to try. Look for them on the life skills grid. Can you try any of them?

 Stay safe and keep having fun,

Mrs. Dare, Miss Ramsay and Mrs. Turner

Red: The work should be completed this week.

Yellow: We would really like you to try to complete this work by the end of the week.

Green: These tasks are not compulsory but you may enjoy them/find them interesting if you have time.


THIS WEEK: Home Learning w/b: 6th July 2020

Planning  Timetable: Year 3



Book Review Template      English week 3     SPaG mat     Spelling Tasks  Incredible Invertebrates!


Maths tasks     Maths answers


RE and RSE resources


St John’s Ambulance, emergencies and calling for help       Hazards and spotting danger


IPC Ancient Egypt Sources of Evidence     IPC WALA archaeologists


Kitchen-science              Oddizzi food and farming


Oggetti di scuola – Listening


LAST WEEK: Home Learning w/b: 29th June 2020

Planning Timetable: Year 3


Maths tasks       Maths answers

English Week 2      SPaG mat      Spelling tasks      Book Review Template


Oddizzi country close up


Amazing Facts About the Human Body     Egyptian Mummies         Science worksheets


Italian: Il bruco molto affamato Y3          Art: Water lillies


RE resources       Explore-Yulissas-story    RE Jesus’ Special Places Map


Home Learning w/b: 22nd June 2020

Planning Timetable Year 3



English     SPaG mat      Spellings    Cleopatra comprehension     Book Review Template

Maths tasks    Maths answers

I colori con Peppa Pig

Oddizzi – Weather and Climate

RE: Choices – end of topic evaluation                 RE 1          RE 2 Maximilian Kolbe

Art – Monet


Maths Week challenges



Sports Week Info