School Announcements: 10/07/2020
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Home Learning (Year 6)








Hello Year 6! We hope you are well?

We hope you enjoyed the start of the Theme Park project last week. We would love to see some of your designs don’t forget to email us to show off your work!

This week we are continuing to work on lessons which will help you in your transition to secondary school. If you haven’t already, this week is a great time to do some research on your new school: explore their website or speak to a current student in your family or that your family know who can answer some questions you may have. Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions.

Have a lovely week!

From Mrs. Barry and Mrs. Shepherd

Email responses: Mrs Shepherd will now be teaching Bubble 6C on Thursdays and Fridays and Mrs Barry does not work on Fridays. Therefore, email responses on Fridays will be limited.  Please keep sending your work and updates on Fridays – we will see them but may not get back to you until Monday mornings.


THIS WEEK: Home Learning w/b: 6th July 2020

Planning Timetable: Year 6


Geography Tasks    Geography Answers 

Maths Challenge Tasks       Maths Murder Mystery 2     Maths Open ended challenge cards    Maths Sudoku Puzzles

PSHE activity    PSHE Powerpoint      

Italian breakfast food

Quick Fire Write Template

RE – Lesson 1 – Resource sheet    RE – Lesson 1 – Task Sheet       RE – Lesson 2 – Task Sheet     RE – Lesson 2 – Tata’s Story PPT

Topic Lesson 3 – Running Costs Activity Sheet      Topic Lesson 3 PPT    Topic Lesson 4 – Entrance Fee Activity Sheet       Topic Lesson 4 PPT

Transition Lesson 1 – Making-the-change       Transition Lesson 2 – Lost-but-not-lost     Transition Lesson 3 – Bouncebackability      Transition Lesson 4 – What-is-normal-anyway      Transition Workbook


LAST WEEK: Home Learning w/b: 29th June 2020

Planning Timetable: Year 6


Debate – Quick-Fire Write Template

English – Lesson 1      English Lesson 1 PPT – Growth Mindset     

English Lesson 1 PPT     English Lesson 2 PPT        English Lesson 3 PPT    English Lesson 4 PPT        English Lesson 5 PPT

English Transition Workbook      


Maths Lesson 1 – The first quadrant      Maths Lesson 1 Answers – The first quadrant    Maths Lesson 1 Extension   

Maths Lesson 2 – Four quadrants       Maths Lesson 2 Answers – Four quadrants      Maths Lesson 2 extension

Maths Lesson 3 – Translations      Maths Lesson 3 Answers – Translations

Maths Lesson 4 – Reflections   Maths Lesson 4 Answers – Reflections

Maths Lesson 5 additional challenge      


Geography Food and Farming


Italian – Che tempo fa – review     Italian – Worksheet 1    Italian – Worksheet 2    Italian – Worksheet 3



RE Lourdes


Science Activity Sheet Spectacular Spectrum    Science L5 Spectacular Spectrum


PSHE Bank Statement Activity Sheet        PSHE budgeting PPT

Topic – Lesson 1 – Building a Budget Topic – Lesson 1 – First Draft Plan      

Topic – Lesson 1 -Theme Park PPT         Topic – Lesson 2 – Theme Park PPT      Topic – Lesson 2 -Theme Park Brochure Template



Home Learning w/b: 22nd June 2020

Planning Timetable: Year 6


English – Bank-of-high-level-vocabulary    English – Narrative Sentence Starters   Debate – Quick-Fire Write Template


English Lesson 1    English Lesson 2    English Lesson 3    English Lesson 4    English Lesson 5


Maths Lesson 1 – Area and perimeter     Maths Lesson 1 Answers  

Maths Lesson 2 – Area of a triangle     Maths Lesson 2 Answers

Maths Lesson 3 – Area of a parallelogram    Maths Lesson 3 Answers  Maths Lesson 3 Extension

Maths Lesson 4 – Volume of a cuboid    Maths Lesson 4 Answers   Maths Lesson 4 Extension


Maths Week Challenge- Helicopter Pilot Challenge




Geography Europe    Geography Answers


Computing         Art Banksy Instructions         History Suffragette’s speech


RE Anointing of the sick             PSHE burns and scalds


 Science Amazing Arrow       Science Incredible Images       Science L4 Refraction  


Italian – I vestiti PPT      Audio:  I vestiti 



PE Sports Week Info