School Announcements: 21/01/2020
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Physical Education

Subject Leader: Mr L Daley & Miss K Dennis

Physical Education at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary

At St. Joseph’s, it is our aim to provide a PE curriculum that includes all pupils, and encourages them to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. During our PE lessons, pupils are given the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of sports, such as football, netball, hockey, tag-rugby, swimming, badminton, tennis, gymnastics and dance. We use different schemes at our school to plan lessons, depending on the needs of the class, individual pupils and current themes and topics. One of those schemes is IMoves, which you can find a link to below:

We also use a variety of methods to give pupils that active 30 minutes that they really need each day, including ‘5 a day’, which again can be found below:

We also provide a wide variety of sports clubs, before, during and after the school day. These range from archery to basketball and cross country running. Our sports teams such as our football teams include opportunities for both boys and girls and our B team events allow us to include more pupils in representing the school. Our teams are often very successful, competitive and we pride ourselves in the conduct and behaviour of our pupils whenever they represent the school. We also have house competitions in school (e.g. Sports Day, Interhouse football) where all pupils have the opportunity to be involved.

St. Joseph’s is pleased to say that it achieved Bronze in the School Games Mark for 2017-18 for its sports provision in school.