School Announcements: 30/05/2020
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Home Learning (Reception)

Hello to all our wonderful children,

We hope you all have had a lovely sunny half term with your families.

We always love to see what you have been up to, so please ask an adult to send us an email, [email protected], telling us what you have enjoyed the most. If you have any questions at all or we can help you in anyway then let us know. 

Take care as always,

Mrs Durell and Mrs Williams 


Story link – Mrs Williams reading:  Rosie’s Walk

Story link – Mrs Durell reading: Jasper’s Beanstalk



Please check out the useful links for Reception:

First 100 High Frequency Words

Letter formation sheet

Number Rhyme

The Government have launched Oak National Academy, where you find lessons for each day that your children can watch have lessons from Year 1 upwards

You will find some online reading books at You will need to register. There are many of the reading levels on this site, and some of the books may look familiar.

NEXT WEEK: Home Learning w/b: 1st June 2020

1. Planning Timetable 

2. Weekly overview 01.06.20

3. ur sheet

4. oo sheet

5. air sheet

6. ear sheet

7. Phase 2 Tricky Words

8. Letter formation sheet

9. What Do Astronauts Do Information Cards

10. What Does An Astronaut Need Activity sheet

11. Maths Day 1

12. Maths day 2

13. Maths Day 3

14. Maths day 4 estimation

15. The Planets


CURRENT Home Learning wb: 18th May 2020

1. Timetable WB 18.05.20

2. Weekly overview WB 18.05.20

3. ow sheet     4. oo sheet    5. or sheet     6. ai sheet    

7. Maths activities Day 1    8. Maths activities Day 2   9. Maths activities Day 3    10. Number bond games    

11. Photos of outside classroom

12. Prayer paper – plain    13. Prayer paper – lined  

14. Reading Minibook- Fixing the Rocker     15. Reading Minibook-Lets cook