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Year 3

Useful websites for Y3

Continue using Mymaths and TTRS:

My maths link:

Times Tables Rock Stars link:

(Remember if you need login details for either of these websites please contact the school via [email protected] ) – maths and English (they have a school closure leaflet with recommended games).  We have used this site in our maths lessons. – picture prompts for writing activities (story, inference, spelling, punctuation and grammar). – maths and English.  We have used this site in our maths lessons. -some great maths challenges


Ideas for writing – these can be written in your free writing book

No more than three big writing activities a week.  It is a good idea to plan the activity before writing (just like the children do in class and for The Big Write). 

Watch Fantastic Mr Fox the movie, compare it to the book. What was the same/different? Which version was better? Write up your comparison or explain your opinion, giving reasons, to an adult.

Create a character description for one of the farmers (Boggis, Bunce or Bean)

Create a new character for Fanatic Mr Fox. Draw them and describe them.

Create your own story for how Foxes got their bushy tails.

Rewrite the ending of Fantastic Mr Fox

Make up a story of your own.  Think about where it will be set and who the characters will be.

Write up a recipe for something you’ve made for your family.

Write a non-fiction report about a topic that interests you…sport, the weather, water, oceans, planets, animals (to name a few).

And finally…read, read and read some more!!

Oxford owl has some great free books and activities:

Mrs Dare, Miss Ramsay and Mrs Turner.