School Announcements: 10/04/2020
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Year 6

Year 6 Home Learning

During the time that you are home, we have provided a range of work to help you to revise the learning from this year so far in school. We do not want you to feel stressed or worried that you have to complete everything but, in order to try to provide enough work for everyone, you will find a considerable amount in your packs. There is no expectation that every single piece of work has to be completed. However, we do advise that you try to maintain a school-like routine each day: completing some maths, English and topic-themed work each day.

We will be adding further work, if necessary, after the Easter holidays to ensure your learning continues.

If you have any questions, please contact us on the new Year 6 email and we will be on-hand to help.

We are both extremely proud of all your hard work so far this year and hope to see you very soon.

 Mrs. Barry and Mrs. Shepherd

P.S. If you find you’re feeling a little bit bored being inside, the entire Harry Potter series is ‘curriculum-related’ so therefore has our approval! 🙂

Year 6 Links Resources ( These aren’t quite ready yet but will include maths and English).