School Announcements: 23/05/2022
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Religious Education

Subject Leader: Mrs L Shepherd

Religious Education, and our collective worship as a school family, are always at the heart of what we do at St Joseph’s.  The children speak highly of the subject and really enjoy being involved in various forms of worship in school.  Each year, every class take part in their own class assembly.  Parents and families are invited and they are always well-received.  This is an opportunity for classes to celebrate the work they have being doing in class, and pray as a community.  The children also attend mass each Monday morning on a rota basis. For one of these masses, the children are more involved, carrying out different parts of the mass. This is “Stay and Pray”.

The subject of RE is taught through a programme called “Come and See”. Nine themes run through the year and each year group studies the same theme through year appropriate topics. We also have a week when we learn about Judaism, a week when we learn about Islam and a week when we study our Journey in Love programme.

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