School Announcements: 23/05/2022
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Pupil Council

This year we have changed the name from ‘School Council’ to ‘Pupil Council’ to more accurately reflect the make-up and remit of the council. Under the leadership of Miss Isaac, there is a three-tiered focus:

    1. Learning in class and beyond
    2. School-wide provision
    3. ‘Faith in Action’ / Charitable outreach

Two pupils are democratically elected from Year 2 – 6 to the council, making a total of ten pupils, with a Chair Person and Secretary from Year 6 leading the meetings. All pupils can make suggestions under these heading on special slips, placing them in a suggestion box. All this information, together with minutes of the meetings, is displayed and accessible on the Pupil Council board in the main hall. Class representatives feedback the minutes of each meeting in class, with the teacher and her pupils deciding which ideas could be taken on board or adapted for their class, whilst hearing about how other ideas are to be taken forward by the Pupil Council, eliciting further responses and ideas via the ‘Suggestion Box’. The Pupil Council also teaches pupils about democracy and involves them in the democratic process as part of the British Values of our country. It also acts as a vehicle for raising and discussing issues of pupil safety and how we can help all children feel safe and act responsibly, both and an out of school.