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Year 2

Meet the Year 2 Teachers:

Please find below Year 2’s Meet the Teacher presentation which has also been sent via parentmail

:Year 2 Meet the Teacher 2020 2021 (no audio)


Handwriting style Year 2 Joins Year 1 common exception words Year 2 common exception words

Spelling, punctuation and grammar terminology for KS1 parents
KS1 Sats SJP Presentation – 2020
Y2 Writing Ingredients
Y2 Reading Recipe 2019
Y2 Maths Vocabulary 2019
Word Mat
Y2 Grammar and punctuation word mat
Maths Games
My maths link:
Times Tables Rock Stars link:
Please find the link to the Year 2 Writing Workshop below:
Year 2 Writing Workshop 2019

Useful websites for Y2 – maths and English (they have a school closure leaflet with recommended games).  We have used this site in our maths lessons. – picture prompts for writing activities (story, inference, spelling, punctuation and grammar). We have used this site in our reading sessions. – maths and English.  We have used this site in our maths lessons. – phonics and spellings.  We use this in our phonics sessions.  Focus on Phase 5 and 6. – writing prompts.  We recommend the following prompts…20, 17, 14, 13, 12 and 11.

Check out the Year 2 Writing Workshop PowerPoint on our webpage for Year 2

Also on our webpage:

Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation mat, Writing Ingredients, Reading Recipe, Maths Vocabulary, IPC homework sheet and Curriculum Maps.